Thursday, 26 April 2012

My World Book Night - and the aftermath!

My World Book Night Day-Off Post-Dewey Book-Themed Read-a-Thon Thingy (But With Sleeping)

7pm:  My night kicks off!  I've got Mike Lancaster's 0.4 to read - a Christmas gift from my dad - and as always, pizza and coffee for sustenance.  Happily I managed to wrestle Mum AWAY from the pizza, but not before she'd taken a huge bite out of one the slices...

8:30pm:  I stop to listen to Mariella Frostrup's Radio 4 WBN documentary from earlier in the day.  It's called One in a Million and explores the effects of WBN on some of LAST year's givers and receivers.  It's only half an hour long - the link takes you to BBC iPlayer if you want to listen!  I found it inspiring and quite moving, and particularly liked these parting words from the end of the programme:

"Amid the hustle and bustle of contemporary society, with work and family, internet, emails, TV and so much else demanding our attention, reading is increasingly an intimate luxury to be sought out and savoured.  Those who haven't had this door opened for them, who for one reason or another have yet to step into the world of books, are missing out on so much...  You never forget it when someone gives you a story that transports you to another world."

9:45pm:  Time for more reading and tea - until I start getting freaked out by my book in a kind of Signs/Cloverfield/Invasion of the Body Snatchers kind of way, at which point it's time to stop so I don't give myself nightmares!

10:15pm:  Driving away the freak-out with coffee, a chocolate chip muffin and a dose of the Gilmore Girls.  It's not a very bookish episode, as far as they go - Sherry's extremely annoying baby shower, from season 3 - but hey, it's doing the job!

11pm:  Okay, I give up.  My eyes are tired and I HAVE just done a day at work, so it's time for bed...

4am:  Woken up by Domino, having one of her middle-of-the-night 'OMG I LUVZ U!' purring/paddling sessions on my stomach.  Sit up and read for half an hour before both of us snuggle down and drop off again.

10am:  Well, I didn't have nightmares about aliens - but I DID dream that I was at a WBN event, surrounded by people passing out those distinctive-covered books, laughing and smiling and encouraging people to read.  How appropriate!  Time for breakfast and more Gilmore Girls while I wake up properly and get my focus back. It's one of my favourite episodes - the one with the Dance Marathon, where Lorelai has that fabulous outfit on and Jess and Rory can finally get together, woohoo!

11am:  Breakfast and Viewing Time are over, so it's time for more reading and a nice cup of tea...  Things are getting exciting in 0.4, and I'm puzzling away, trying to work out what on earth's going on in the little village of Millgrove...  Mum is unimpressed to catch me back under the duvet with a large black and white cat asleep on my chest - but hey, it's my day off, and a sleeping cat is a great book rest!

12:30pm:  Snack time!  I'm about ready for a change of scenery, so I'm having a warm fruit scone with butter and jam, and a mug of coffee, and sitting at the kitchen table for a while.  As a bonus, it's easier to wait for our log delivery down here where I can see outside, instead of sitting in my room listening out for every noise on the drive.  My reading takes a small detour into a discussion of new-house options and renovation possibilities, which with our house on the market is Mum's current all-consuming obsession...

2:15pm:  The logs have ARRIVED, so I can head back upstairs and curl up for a few minutes.  Could this possibly be the home stretch of 0.4?
Image via

2:50pm:  Noooooo!  It's the moment of The Big Revelation in 0.4 - but I've been called to go and help Mum stack that mountain of logs that have just been delivered into our little sheltered woodpile thing.  This could take a while...

5:15pm:  I'm back inside, showered, aching and hopefully with all that wood dust washed out of my hair.  Now I can finally get back to 0.4, with the rest of yesterday's pizza and a fortifying mug of coffee...

6:15pm:  Hooray, I've finished 0.4!  I must say, its format has been well thought out, and it's cleverly put together.  Kinda like The Matrix meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  I recommend it!  Now, time for another dose of Gilmore Girls - an impromptu visit to Yale, and Rory and Jess's first real kiss, awwww... (Yes, I'm Team Jess all the way!  Hot, witty, reads constantly and looks just a little bit like James Dean, my perfect man!)

7:30pm:  Setting up my review post for 0.4.  Just the basics - title, publisher, book cover, labels etc.  I'm two reviews behind now, oops.  Feeling very tired after all that reading and log-stacking.  Think it's the wood dust making my eyes burn, ouch...  Next job: trying to choose something new to read.  Library book?  Review book?  Kinda feeling like something a bit more literary this time, but what?  Hmmmm.

8:15pm:  I've temporarily given up on trying to choose a new book to read.  Sometimes you have to let the end of the last book fade for a few minutes before you can decide what to move onto next.  Instead I'm writing down all of the titles from WBN 2011 and WBN 2012 here in the UK, plus America's 30 WBN titles and Susan Hill's alternative list, just in CASE I want them at some point to satisfy my nerdish love for lists and being able to Tick Stuff Off With Relish.

9:15pm:  Success!  I've tentatively chosen King Solomon's Mines as my next read, which should satisfy my literary craving AND topple Allan Quatermain off my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen challenge (more Stuff To Tick Off With Relish, woohoo!).  Now I think I'll retire with yet more Gilmore Girls, a choc chip muffin, more coffee and some trusty headache tablets - and who knows, I might get in a little more reading before bed, sore eyes/head allowing...  At any rate, this little bookish bonanza will hopefully have kick-started my reading for the rest of the week!

And now, to bring us up to date: I didn't do any more reading before bed, of course...  My eyes just wouldn't stay open any longer!  I'm still owing those two reviews for The Silent Land and 0.4 - and wondering whether to mini-review both in one post, just to get 'em out the way - but I was right about the kick-started reading.  After yesterday's rainy day with no customers, and an evening on my bed with a fat cat across my knees (yup, same one again), I'm now about halfway through King Solomon's Mines and loving it!  Quite verbose, but exciting and evocative, with some deliciously horrific moments and some very funny ones too.  So far so good!  Lots more rain again today so I'm making good progress - though, er, we could probably do with a few people buying books at some point...

Over to you - did you do anything special for World Book Night 2012?  Did you go to a WBN event, or perhaps you were a giver (or receiver) of one of the WBN titles?  Maybe you just went on a book shopping spree or had a night in with a good book instead?


  1. I have 0.4 AND King Solomon's Mines to read! Judging from it's position on my TBR shelf, I reckon I got 0.4 in August or so last year, so it's not TOO bad on the omg-I-haven't-read-that-yet scale.

    King Solomon's Mines I bought much earlier, but then I decided to save it for my challenge. And you know, still haven't read it yet :|

    Funnily enough, this post doesn't make me desperate to read either of those, but I am suddenly itching to watch The Gilmore Girls...

    1. Nope, August ain't bad! I'm SO PROUD of myself for actually reading a book I got in THE LAST SIX MONTHS, it's really quite tragic.

      I'm working on my review for King Solomon's Mines right now - it's a 5 STAR READ! And I don't get many of those... Complete surprise, in the nicest sense. :D

  2. So excited to hear that you're a Gilmore Girls fan, too. A Lorelai and Rory marathon with a bottle of wine is my favorite way to relax after a long day.

    Not that I didn't trust your opinions of books before, but now that we share the Team Jess bond, I feel even more connected! :-)

    1. I love 'em! I can usually watch about three seasons in a row before I take a little break and watch something else. I quite often watch an episode over breakfast, before work (less messy than trying to hold a book open) and frequently over dinner or before bed too. In between all the reading, naturally... But sometimes a dose of Rory Gilmore is exactly what I need to make me want to pick up a book again.

      And HOORAY FOR TEAM JESS! For me The Ken Doll and Blondie just don't compare... ;)

  3. This sounds perfect! I've been having the strongest urge to re-watch all of the Gilmore Girl's again too and is that Dr. Oetker pizza I spy? If so it's one of my favourites!

    1. Season 3 and counting... And yes, Ristorante Pollo - my new go-to treat for my day off! :D

  4. I love that episode of Gilmore Girls too. I stayed up far too late Friday night because I was having a GG marathon and realised that that episode was approaching so I had to keep going until I got to watch it! I am so Team Jess.


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